Beginner: This class is for our children from Cradle Roll to Kindergarten.  We sing songs, play games, do crafts, and learn simple stories of Jesus' love.  We make the Sabbath a delight so they look forward to coming and beginning to worship.

Facilitator: Wendy Walker

Our Primary Class is for the ages of 4-6.  We teach our children moral values through scripture, stories, and song.  We teach prayer and help them develop a closer relationship with Jesus.  Mission stories are shared to help them learn to share Jesus with others.   Lessons from the Primary Treasure study materials help them with memory verses, moral Biblical stories, and games.  We learn to be joyful in the Lord through Bible study and song.

Facilitators: Judy Barker and Johnny Shoemaker

Junior: Our Junior Class are for the ages of 7-12.  The Junior Guide helps our older children to give more serious thought to what the Bible and Jesus mean to them personally.  We want to help them to have a personal relationship with Jesus and not just come to church.  We begin the study of Jesus' sacrifice and its meaning for their lives.

Facilitator: Christine Harding

Teen:  Our Teen class is for the ages of 13 to 18. In this class we share the plan of salvation and its relevance in today's world.  Guiding them through mission stories, scripture, and prayer into a path where they learn to develop compassion, character, and a thirst for God's wisdom is our goal.

Facilitator: Rhonda Whtmore